The Purchase

We’re with you from submitting an offer…

  • Receive independent legal advice.
  • Be in communication with your agent. Constantly.

A first home owners preparation for buying their first home is an important facet that enables the purchase to be less stressful, and allows first home owners to focus on what it’s all about; their first home.

Once initial hold documentation is submitted to a developer through My First Place the purchase of a home can take up to six weeks; longer if there is construction involved.

Critical Aspects include:

  • Contract Details
  • Finance Approval for the property

A critical aspect of this step involves ensuring the contract details the property accurately and protects both the first home owner and the vendor during the transaction.

It is also essential to securing final finance approval against the property on behalf of the first home owner, using any first home owner grants applicable. In some cases first home owner grants may not form part of the deposit, in any event, first home owner loans require special attention from a finance broker.

…to getting your own keys.

A Purchase Process flowchart is available in our First Home Owners Resources section.

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