The Dream

It starts as a dream…

  • List what you need and want in your first home.
  • Understand the property market and be responsive to it.

Becoming a home owner is something that almost every Australian thinks about at one stage or another. It is an idea that springs to mind, somewhere of our own to call my home. Here at My First Place, we’ve all been through that ourselves, and like you, we had a dream.

In going through the process of buying our first home, and selling many more like it, we’ve come to realise that the dream needs some structure to make it less stressful, and more exciting.

So for the first step in the purchase process we ask our first home owners to create a property profile for their first home. Detail in there your needs (must haves) and your wants (like-to-haves). This will assist you later when you’re inspecting properties and have to make some hard decisions about whether to submit an offer.

This property profile will also enable a My First Place sourcing agent to focus their search to find you properties that fit what you want.

…until you make it a reality.

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