Foreign Buyers

  • Most non-residents can buy a new property.
  • Contracts require an FIRB clause.

Many overseas visitors find that they want to buy a property as an investment, or to become a home owner, here in Australia. The Australian Government (Foreign Investment Review Board – FIRB) welcomes this, especially regarding first home owners, but it does have some stipulations about what can be purchased and for what purpose.




All My First Place properties fulfill the FIRB required guidelines for both Temporary and Non-Resident purchases. However, in every case an application has to be submitted to the Federal government for approval from the FIRB. My First Place can support you in your application process, along with securing finance and the right property that complies with your residency status.

We have the following information sheets to assist in understanding your position and any restrictions around your upcoming purchase.

What can I buy as a…

Here at My First Place we recommend you undertake a pathway to purchase similar to any First Home Owners, with consideration of the 30 day approval timeframe from the Federal Government. This approval timeframe should be applied to any contract you submit.

The First Home Owners Grants are separate to any FIRB compliance, and your FIRB approval should not be taken as an indication of First Home Owners Grant eligibility. For First Home Owners Grant eligibility requirements, please look to your specific state’s First Home Owners Grant page on this website, or contact your state government department.

When you contact My First Place, please indicate that you require FIRB approval so we can assist accordingly. You can find contact details for the Federal Government, including the FIRB application portal, in our First Home Owners Grant Resources page.

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